Our Team



Ian Newell

Chester, VA
Creative Director and Owner

Goatocado is fueled by the endlessly innovative creations of Ian Newell. He inspires us to take an unapologetic stance in conscious and considered food, always strive for more and having an appreciation for life and the opportunities at hand. Keep a look out for Goatocado in Space with Dogs coming soon.


Charles Nelson

Richmond, VA
Director of Operations

Going the “extra mile” for Charles is not only making sure the crew feels supported but also literally driving extra miles to be there if his team needs him.  When he isn’t overseeing all sides of the company you can either find him spiritedly organizing a catered event for Goatocado or spending a precious moment outdoors with his lovely, ultra-supportive fiance. 


Will Cash

Amherst County, VA
Festival manager/coordinator/director

Will undoubtably has a love for the land. As our festival director, a geo science major and previously a cartographer, Will is well-versed in recognizing and adapting to the obstacles that come with unchartered territory. 


Bree Davis

Orange, VA
Marketing Director

With one hand on a camera and another on the buttons of social media, Bree keeps Goatocado looking as fresh as it tastes.


Brad DeGroff

Fredericksburg, VA
Operations Manager

Brad is everything that we hope to represent through the Goatocado lifestyle: eager, upbeat, active and engaged. He works hard behind the scenes to make sure the crew and the customers always have a smile on their faces. 


Michael Eldred

Richmond, VA
Wild Card

Every company could use a Michael of All Trades. He is not only an invaluable asset in the day-to-day of Goatocado but also in acting as a liaison between departments to assure that all voices heard. His commitment to the growth of the company and his investment in the quality of our product has unquestionably supported Goatocado’s mindset that anything is possible. 


Nick Kroko

Fredericksburg, VA
Kitchen Lead

A fisherman through and through, Nick enjoys the comfort of his tools and the unexpected nature that comes with the craft of the kitchen. Expect wondrously delicious creations to continue showing up on our menu.